QuickPost uploads roving photos within seconds to your event mobile app or an online gallery.  Ideal for immediate staff access for social media, or to increase guest engagement.

Instant Slideshow images are beamed to your AV screens or monitors in seconds, followed by a continuously-randomized slideshow of other event highlights.  This fun activity adds entertainment value to your program and boosts the ROI of the AV budget.

Silent Capture eliminates that distracting “click click click” during your sessions, solo performances, etc.

PropFlash Paparazzi Cameras create a fun and memorable VIP entrance experience for your gala awards guests.  Staff, volunteers or even your Execs create a Paparazzi Welcome with multicolor flashes from these simple, light-weight prop cameras.  Pairs ideally with a red-carpet entrance and step-and-repeat PhotoOpp.

Photo Safaris provide a fun, low-stress activity that forever improves the picture-taking skills of your guests and strengthens your business relationships. Pro travel photography tips are put into practice using the guests’ own cell phone, with optional review and critique and even a photo competition.  

Robotic Cameras take less space and usually cost less than a comparable video package.  

Innovative Print Sizes include the newly rediscovered 4x4 “Instagram-style” square prints for an attention-grabbing souvenir photo with a detachable sponsor/message tab, and 6x8 SuperSized prints as a fresh alternative to the traditional 8x10 but priced like a 5x7.

Go Green by emailing souvenir images instead of printing. This saves resources and budget and boosts your social media shares and likes.